Two Simple Ingredients

Nothing Artificial

  • 4.9%


  • 69


  • 0g SUGAR





Wine Water is a refreshing combination of dry, French wine blended with pure, sparkling water. Clean, simple, and purposefully developed for the active wine drinker, all Wine Water varietals feature low calories, zero grams of sugar, only two ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial.

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Rosé Water

Strawberry and melon are presented on the nose and palate, with the bright acidity of the dry rosé perfectly balanced by the effervescence of the pure, sparkling water. This simple but striking combination reveals an incredibly refreshing tasting experience, purpose-built to be enjoyed by active wine enthusiasts.

Now Available

Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc

Exotic fruits including pineapple and mango are featured on the nose and palate, delicately balanced by the effervescence of the pure, sparkling water. Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect expression of the Entre-Deux-Mers terroir in an approachable, incredibly refreshing, easy-to-enjoy presentation.

Arriving 2022

Wine Water Cabernet

Arriving 2022

Wine Water Chardonnay

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If you can’t find us at your favorite retailer, please ask them to carry “Boutique” Rosé and/or Wine Water (our trade name) or reach out to us directly. Here’s to raising a can together very soon!

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Active in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Inspired by the active, coastal lifestyle that we enjoy here in Wilmington, North Carolina, we created Wine Water for those that work hard and play just as hard, but appreciate taking a few minutes to reflect. It's about having fun, giving back, and caring for ourselves as much as those we love.



Clean water isn't just one of two ingredients in Wine Water, it's the basis for life. In support of this essential concept and our ongoing fight for clean water here at home, A percentage of all Wine Water profits are donated to support clean water initiatives in Wilmington and beyond.

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The difference? Rosé Water only contains dry rosé wine from Loire Valley and pure, sparkling water – nothing else. ⁠

This means no added sugar, no gluten, no GMOs, and absolutely no added flavoring🌸

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Our plans: Sit here. Drink Wine Water. Dream away✨💭 ⁠

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Which other drinks do you mix with Rosé Water and Wine Wine Sauvignon Blanc? We love when you guys create wine cocktail recipes for us. Please never stop 👏⁠

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She's from France and she’s cute! Also 0g Sugar, 8.5fl oz., and 69 calories 💦⁠

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